Anonymous said: What music do you listen to daily?

Ok seriously warning, if you play this music too often you will find yourself constantly dancing around your household like a dork and always secretly creating epic, modern dances in your head:

-Dirty Projectors

-The Like


-Yo La Tengo

-Wolf Parade

-Sunset Rubdown

-Young the Giant

-Kate Nash

-White Rabbits 

-Passion Pit

-Florence and the Machine 

Anonymous said: y u no post anymore? :(

Aw I know it’s awful!

I am going to be posting SO much soon though, like SO much this next coming month. 

I will have time cook and create recipes again (and take pictures with my NICE camera as opposed to my sad iphone), write long text posts, and become apart of the vegan, healthy, balanced, community again. I want to start using this blog as my personal journal again, which I will soon, I just have no time to write and get online currently ): There has just been so many crazy things going on, mostly school and dance team. I am hanging in there though. I recently did a photoshoot with my good friend however, should I post pictures from that and give a brief analysis of that day? Because it was quite lovely :) But even those pictures took me such a long time to getting around to editing them on facebook because of how busy I have been… But that has been the only thing going on with my life photography wise. I post a lot of little things on my other tumblr: my-inviting-heart but nothing too personal. It’s pretty much a cute blog over nature, food, yoga, inspirational quotes, and all that jazz. 

BUT I will be all over tumblr again in the near future, just be patient with me :) 

I still post very frequently on my Instagram account:

vegan: healthyhappyhannah

personal: hannahasis

I hope you have a nice day love <3

Good morning everyone :) I don&#8217;t really know if any of you are interested, but I just made a normal blog where I actually reblog things rather than my food, journals, and updates. This blog will consist of the little things in life that make me smile. So mostly yoga, beautiful scenery, fashion here and there, cute quotes, and maybe some other random things thrown in. Check it out if you would like, its
I hope you are all having a fantastic day :)